(Joe Forkan/Eric Stoner)


Left the city of angels, with a bullet in my side

Sticking to the blue roads, slipping out of sight                            

Moving after sunset, through the vacant silhouettes

Longing for my baby and my bed


Many miles to cover, if I’m to make it home

The shadows chase a sun, that leaves me 

Snaking east into the desert night, as eight lanes drop to one

A weaker man regretting, what the stronger man has done


Past tilting at windmills, and enveloped in the heat  

Three days from Corpus Christi, this sinner’s last retreat                         

Staunching the bleeding by a ruined Texaco

Her voice came to me, beckoned me to go


She was never mean, Evangeline, she was always at my side

Through desperate times and troubles, on her I could rely

I left her at the altar, and I set off on my own

My life a trail of ruin, she’s calling me back home


Lay my head on this pillow of stone, clouds gather over me    

Press my cheek to the name written there 

The rest is just history




(Joe Forkan)


We fell in love, and I lost myself completely

And before too long you became the world to me        

Without a thought, I fell into your orbit          

No surprise, there was no gravity


We burned so bright, but you disappeared in stages

And I didn't think it'd all fall off so soon        

One day I woke, we'd lost all our momentum

And I found myself alone upon the moon


Now I'm alone, and I'm stranded on the moon

With your vision looming so far overhead

Each day I walk, with you as my companion

But you wouldn't even know if I were dead


So tell me Houston, can you hear we've got a problem?

As you cast your gaze out coldly into space

Please give a thought, to a mission here to save me

'cause I'm stranded here alone upon the moon


Now I'm alone, and I'm stranded on the moon

Such a cold and lonely place to be marooned

I want to lay me down, and rest my weary head

But there's just no place to do it on the moon


I thought that you might even see me out here waving

But I guess you’re only gazing at the moon




(Joe Forkan)


Well I never can see her, stare as hard as I can

She’s right in my blind spot, I’m a short-sighted man

Can’t remember her features, lord, try as I might

The girl in my blind spot, she’s just nowhere in sight


There’s no corrective lenses, for this trouble I have

I’m looking right through her, and feeling so bad


Just a little myopic, but that’s no excuse

For a girl in my blind spot, lord, that’s something new

And I’ve had the same feeling, staring up at the stars

Each one disappearing, when you’re looking too hard


And I’ve heard tales of her beauty, from people I know

I can no longer see it, feeling so low


Now I lose her at parties, in the thick of the crowd

With so many new faces, lord, they filter her out

But when my eye starts to wander, lord, she floats into view

My peripheral vision, how her image breaks through


Gonna ask my physician, for anything I can try

To recover my vision and open my eyes




(Joe Forkan)


We walked out in the desert, with too much time on our hands

The road was long, we were high, life was just ‘round the bend

15 days in the desert, and I asked for her hand

She just stared in the distance, and said please understand


She said baby I'd love you forever, if you'd never complain

Now shhh… no more questions, and we’ll try this again


So we lived there in the desert, ‘til she said wait here for me

The moon is high, and I am low, she set off for the sea


What made her go? What made me stay?

I'll never know what was true

But the rivers have run, into the sea

And I’ll never know if she waits there for me


So I remain in the desert, with too much time on my hands

The sun, it fades in the distance, and I still don’t understand  

But baby, I'll love you forever, and I’ll never complain

Now shhh… no more questions, and we’ll try this again




(Joe Forkan)


Charlie curb crawls with a carving knife, for the scarlet letter girls

And he double-checks his color wheel, before he asks ‘em for a whirl

He’s gotta make some careful choices, before he spills a little ink       

‘Cause he could write his own obituary, if they’re blue instead of pink


Carrie’s tarted up like Alice, she’s in a dress that’s size 13

She doesn’t dare drink from the bottle, she knows that just makes her mean     

But she can fake a little wonderland, ‘cause there’s all those bills to pay

So she’s a pistol in the evening, and a bullet in the day


I guess we all make our choices, from the cradle to the grave

But someone’s ringing Pavlov’s dinner bell

Maybe the choice is already made


Charlie wrapped himself in Cupid's arms, and he drifted off to sleep

He’s thinking she’s no imitation, a gritty pearl against his teeth

She dreamed she flew across the ocean, it was like she always could

But she keeps clipping off her feathers, ‘cause they look nice in a book


She’s a bright spot in his darkness, he’s just a stain upon her dress

But he wasn’t hoping for transcendence, just to relive an old caress

But you know he never understood her, ‘though he tried so hard to please

You know she married him in Spanish, and divorced him in Chinese


He’s only got a little kindling, but he can make the chimney smoke

She’s just dreaming of ol’ Henry James, whether Henry likes it or he don’t

We’ll all keep taking chances, ‘til they put us in the ground

Because virtue’s sold by volume baby, and vice is sold by pound


Now the shed’s all full of drama, wrapped in old extension cords

And there are fingers like a midget’s, from the rusty table saw

She’s digging up the power lines, and burying the dead

And fussing with the wiring, at the bottom of the bed


I guess we all take our chances, from the cradle to the grave

But someone’s ringing Pavlov’s dinner bell

Maybe the choice is already made


Charlie’s up before Jesus, telling Sunday morning tales

With a virgin Bloody Mary, stretching canvas pounding nails

Ain’t no diamonds without pressure, and the deadline’s judgment day

Gotta keep begging for redemption, while we keep the lord at bay


I guess we’ve all got our problems, from the cradle to the grave

Someone’s ringing Pavlov’s dinner bell, outside an empty cage

We’ll all keep taking chances, ‘til they put us in the ground

Because virtue’s sold by volume baby, and vice is sold by pound




(Joe Forkan/Eric Stoner)


My girl says she loves me, she must think I’m blind

She’s got me working day and night, like a mule down in the mine


Doesn’t dare to lead me, up into the light

She knows if I could tell the difference

She’d never get me back down in the mine


Our story started in the sunshine

On a summer’s day with color all around

She cinched up the harness, while I was looking in her eyes

Then she slowly walked me underground


 Down here in the darkness, warmth’s a memory

A cold parade of endless days, gonna be the death of me


A mule’s a beast of burden, they’ll work until they fall

But I cannot stay here one more day, just kicking in her stall


Must be the time to make a break

From this place – don't know where I am bound

Come tomorrow morning, I’ll be standing in the sun

Life’s too short to spend it underground




(Joe Forkan)


You’ve no choice, to hear them tell it

Your loudest voice, will never sell

The thoughts inside your head develop

So you step outside with the sun going down


And you take a break, and fumble around

And watch the night, settle over the town

The day is done, but it’s not for everyone


The blue light, and blue faces

They sell a world, that just brings me down

There are other views, and other paces

Gotta get outside before the days pass me by


And I’ll push away, like a boat from the shore

And let the waves, push me out past the shoals

It’s just life, but it’s nice - enough


These simple days, and their pleasures

An honest smile brings a tear to my eye

I’m the richest man, beyond measure

And all I own is the peace in my mind


And when my moment’s gone, this much I know

I’ll take it with me, wherever I go

It’s my life, and it’s nice - enough


Step outside

The weather’s fine




(Joe Forkan)


I thought I saw you at the light, from the corner of my eye

On an unfamiliar street, came an old familiar smile

Well, it might have been the song, that was drifting through the night

Like a flower’s sweet perfume, made me think of days gone by


Well, I heard it once before, on a tinny radio

From a station out of tune, just this side of Mexico

On a moonless desert night, alone in the wide world

We danced beneath the stars, to the music of our hearts


You haunt me, can’t I be, lost in your arms

Those rhythms, can’t keep them, far from my thoughts


Once upon a time, you gave your love to me

Wouldn’t say that it was true, couldn’t say that it was free

But I know that you are mine, and I know just where you’ll be

Lying in a shallow grave, now the devil waits for me


You haunt me, can’t I be, lost in your arms

Those rhythms, can’t keep them, far from my thoughts


Now that I’m alone, can’t stand the empty nights

And my mind is not my own, that’s where you hold me tight

But I know that I will see, with the setting of the sun

Shadows dancing on the wall, to the music of our hearts




(Joe Forkan/Eric Stoner)


The astronaut is buried, in the bosom of the earth      

The mariner lies silent, in his silted berth


All these unanswered questions, and skeleton prayers

Are the cares, the ruts we’ve worn in the world

Conquistador dreams, lost cities of gold


Still we listen for wisdom, from the mouth of a grave

Parse the ancient scratches, on the walls of shadowed caves

Now a broken world spins, to face another rising sun


It’s begun


And when the flags are all furled, and the swords turn to rust

The cartographer’s empire will collapse into dust


The earth will dream, without us, and bury our gods

Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust


All Lyrics ©2016 Giant Meteor Records. All Rights Reserved.



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